Hiring Lousy Empoloyees

Hiring Lousy Employees

Why do managers hire lousy employees?  I notice managers make four mistakes that result in hiring losers – employees they wish they never hired.  I will help you avoid making these four hiring blunders. 
Plus, I will reveal to you three guidelines and tests that will help you assess job candidates and hire dependable and productive employees. 

Job Applicants

Stop Getting Fooled by Job Applicants

Job applicants often are highly skilled at fooling interviewers. They create a terrific impression. But, when you hire them, they fall far short of the terrific impression they made on you. Interviewing should be the third step in your hiring process.  Before interviewing anyone, make sure they do well on (1) Bio-Data and (2) Pre-Employment Tests. Then, interviewing will be the next, or third step in your applicant assessment process.
To help you avoid getting fooled by job applicants you interview, here are several insights and techniques you can use.