Hiring Games Managers Play

Hiring Games Managers Play That Result in Employing Losers

Some managers use pre-employment tests to obtain certain astute insights. However I discovered hiring games managers play.  I found a shocking realization to help you avoid a huge hiring mistake – avoid hiring ‘a square peg for a round hole.’  Some managers try to fit-in a job applicant even though they are different from their super-star employees.  Learn about the hiring games managers play that result in employing losers.

Hiring Mistakes Managers Make

Horrible Hiring Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

You need to hire the best employees. You undoubtedly have hired some employees who were losers. In other words, you hired some “underachievers” you would have been better without. Or maybe you have the curse of hiring only “average” employees – people who are average in productivity and average in producing profits. How do you avoid these hiring problems? This articles reveals to you the top hiring mistakes and what to do to employ great employees.