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Biography & Expertise of Dr. Michael Mercer

YOU Get Dr. Michael Mercer’s Expertise — When YOU Use FORECASTER™
Pre-employment Tests

Michael Mercer, Ph.D., President of Mercer Systems, Inc., provides you with unique expertise in pre-employment
testing – that you cannot get any place else!

Dr. Mercer is

Wall Street Journal & HR publications have featured
Dr. Mercer’s Expertise.

Important = When you use our pre-employment tests —

You will work directly with Dr. Mercer – & you get his expertise –

Don’t worry = You will NOT deal with non-expert – e.g., “consultant,” “vendor,” “sales rep,” or “reseller”

Media Appearances

Articles quoting Dr. Mercer appear in major publications – Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Management Update, Investor’s Business Daily, U.S. News & World Report, and more.

Interviewed on over 400 radio & TV talk shows
Including Oprah, Leeza, and Today Show — plus shows on ABC, CBS, Fox News, NBC, CNBC, CNN, BRN, and NPR.

Leader among Professionals
Dr. Mercer served Illinois Psychological Association – as both (1) Chairman – Division of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and (2) President.

Board of Directors
Dr. Mercer served 15+ years on Board of company – a publicly-traded, successful company – that was acquired by a bigger company.

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