Stop hiring unmotivated employees

Stop Hiring Unmotivated Slackers

Slacker is a common word nowadays to describe a person who exudes laziness, lousy work ethic and a “I don’t care” attitude. They tend to avoid working, goof off a lot and also encourage other employees to avoid working and goof off. Managers and executives must do everything possible to avoid hiring slackers with a lousy work ethic and find productive and dependable employees. Your company and career depend on keeping slackers off your payroll and also hiring highly productive employees. Learn what to look for before you hire a slacker who is unmotivated.

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Pre-employment tests

How To Hire The Best Sales Reps

Sales is the most important job in any company.  After all, until someone sells something, no one else has a job – and your company cannot exist. Hiring productive Sales Reps proves crucial to your company’s growth. To hire the best Sales Reps, start by making list of your “superstars.” By “superstars, I mean Sales Reps who are both (a) highly productive + (b) low-turnover. I teach you how to clone your best Sales Reps.

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