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Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing?

Why should companies and businesses use pre-employment tests? There are many proven benefits for pre-employment testing. Here are some important reasons and answers to the questions most managers and executives pose regarding employment tests. A.  Pre-employment Testing Helps You Avoid These Common Hiring Mistakes 1.  Interviewers typically do a lousy job at predicting job success.…

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What Are Pre-Employment Tests?

Pre Employment tests Defined?  What Do You Need To Know? They are tests that organizations give to job applicants to help them hire employees who are productive, dependable, and low-turnover. What does research say about pre employment tests? Research on pre employment assessments and other prediction methods indicate that these are the most effective method…

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Hiring Highly Motivated Employees Using Employment Testing

Employment testing scores can reveal the specific work activities that motivate a job candidate to feel highly motivated and be highly productive. Problem = I found one big, widespread misconception about what motivates employees:  Specifically, many managers incorrectly believe most employees are motivated by amount they are paid. But my pre-employment testing research shows “superstar”…

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