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hiring unmotivated employees slackers

Stop Hiring Unmotivated Slackers

Slacker is a common word to describe a person who exudes laziness, lousy work ethic and a “I don’t care” attitude. They tend to avoid working, goof off a lot and also encourage other employees to avoid working and goof off. Managers and executives must do everything possible to avoid hiring slackers with a lousy work ethic and find productive and dependable employees. Your company and career depend on keeping slackers off your payroll and also hiring highly productive employees. Learn what to look for before you hire a slacker who is unmotivated and unproductive.

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Pre-employment Honest Test

Unique Pre-Employment Honesty Test Approach Helps You Avoid Hiring Liars

Only certain pre-employment tests help you avoid hiring liars. Sometimes called Pre-Employment Honesty Tests, but there is more to it than just a name. Some applicants try to appear “better or different” than they truly are.  Sure, every applicant seeks to make a good impression.  But applicants who go out of their way to deceive you can cause expensive problems if you hire them.  WARNING: Not all pre-employment honesty tests successfully catch liars. Learn why this happens in this article.

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Interviewing Job Applicants

Interviewing Job Applicants Who Fool You!

Job applicants are skilled at fooling interviewers. When interviewing job applicants they often create a terrific impression. But, when you hire them, they fall far short of the terrific impression they made on you. Here are some unique techniques you need to learn right away in your process to assess job applicants.

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Job Applicants

How To Reject Job Applicants

How do you reject a job applicant? When hiring, your goal is to hire dependable and productive employees. What do you do when you don’t want to hire an applicant? Should you tell the applicant why you did not hire them. Here is a guide for you to use on your goal to hire the best & avoid the rest.

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Hiring Lousy Empoloyees

Hiring Lousy Employees

Why do managers hire lousy employees?  I notice managers make four mistakes that result in hiring losers – employees they wish they never hired.  I will help you avoid making these four hiring blunders. 
Plus, I will reveal to you three guidelines and tests that will help you assess job candidates and hire dependable and productive employees. 

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Hire The Best Sales Rep

Hire The Best Sales Reps

Sales is the most important job in any company.  Until someone sells something, no one else has a job – and your company cannot exist. Hiring productive Sales Reps proves crucial to your company’s growth. To hire the best Sales Reps, start by making list of your “superstars.” These individuals are Sales Reps who are both (a) highly productive + (b) low-turnover. This article shows you how to ‘hire the best’ Sales Reps using methods that include Sale Rep assessments.

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Pre-employment testing

Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing

Why should companies and businesses use pre-employment tests? There are many proven benefits for pre-employment testing. Learn about some important reasons and answers to the questions most managers and executives pose regarding employment tests benefits. Importantly, this article explains how pre-hire assessments helps you avoid some common hiring mistakes and reduce turn-over.

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pre employment tests + pre hire tests

What Are Pre-Employment Tests?

Pre-employment tests are assessments companies give job applicants to help hire employees who are productive, dependable + low-turnover. Not all tests are created with important research backing them up. Here’s what you need to know to make the right decision about pre-employment screening of job applicants.

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Employment testing + Hiring Motivated Employees

Hiring Highly Motivated Employees Using Employment Testing

Pre-employment test scores reveal the specific work activities that motivate a job candidate to feel highly motivated and be highly productive. Problem that I found is a widespread misconception about what motivates employees:  Many managers incorrectly believe most employees are motivated solely by the amount of money they are paid. My employment testing research shows what “superstar” employees in each job and in each company are motivated by doing specific activities. This article shows you five main types of activities employees might do in their jobs and what motivated them.

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Employees Engagement

Employee Engagement Key to Your Company’s Profits

Employee engagement impacts whether your organization’s productivity and profits increase or decrease. Companies with highly engaged employees experience higher profits, higher productivity and lower turnover. In contrast, companies with unengaged employees experience lower profits, lower productivity and higher turnover. Therefore, it is important hiring Managers to evaluate which job applicant will be productive and motivated in their job using employment tests.  Pre-employment test help you assess employee engagement.

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Hire Employees with Strong Work Ethic

Companies grow when employees exhibit strong work ethic.  But, companies waste a lot when they hire lazy bums or slackers. Stop wasting time by using Pre Hire Tests. Employees with a strong work ethic +  show up on time +  put in a day’s work (or more) for a day’s pay +  do work in…

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Test Job Applicants + Avoid Hiring Applicants Who Lie

Job Applicants Tricks Used To Fool Hiring Managers

Certainly, pre employment tests help you assess what job applicants really are like under all the smoke-&-mirrors + tricks they use on hiring managers.  Job applicants put on a show to impress you.  It’s drama.  It’s theater.  It’s designed to fool you into mistakenly thinking the applicant is wonderful so you foolishly make a job…

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Hiring + Return-on-Investment – What You Need To Understand

Many Managers Know The Cost of Everything. But The Actual Financial Value of Nothing.  Some investors buy a cheap stock rather than pay more to buy stock of a good company that will increase in financial value. Similarly, some hiring managers are too cheap to use hiring tools that increase their likelihood of hiring applicants…

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Employment testing + Hiring Motivated Employees

3 Games Managers Play That Results in Hiring Losses

There are several games managers play and I will to tell you about each of them in this article. Some mangers use pre-employment tests to obtain certain astute insights, However I found a shocking realization to help you avoid a huge hiring mistake – avoid hiring ‘a square peg for a round hole.’ Some managers…

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Stop Getting Fooled by Applicants in Job Interviews

Job applicants often are highly skilled at fooling interviewers! They create a terrific impression. But, when you hire them, they fall far short of the terrific impression they made on you. Interviewing should be the third step in your hiring process.  Before interviewing anyone, make sure they do well on (1) Bio-Data and (2) Pre-Employment…

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hiring Mistakes, job tests

Horrible Hiring Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

You need to hire the best employees. You undoubtedly hired some employees who were losers. Oops! Well, let’s be more diplomatic. Let’s just say you hired some “underachievers” you would have been better without. Or maybe you have the curse of hiring only “average” employees – people who are average in productivity and average in producing profits.

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